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Research, analysis and evaluation services


We carry out various research and analysis studies using qualitative and quantitative methods within the framework of the needs of the organizations we work with and the requirements of the projects they carry out. The services we provide in this context are as follows:​

  • Socio-economics and interest group research:We carry out socio-economic and interest group analyzes, which are of great importance for social-based projects to take the right steps and reach their goals, using qualitative and quantitative research methods.

  • Monitoring and evaluation:Monitoring and evaluation is a process that serves to measure the change realized with the project and must be included in every project. We carry out monitoring and evaluation studies in order to reveal the changes brought about by cooperative projects. For this purpose, we follow the project from the beginning to the end and evaluate the difference between the beginning and the results of the project.

  • Impact evaluation:We conduct impact analyzes on the values created by projects and programs. With these analyses, we ensure that the positive/negative impact on specifically defined target groups is visible.

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