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Our Team

Today's local, regional and global economic and social problems have forced us to seek new ways of doing business. In this context, we have turned to cooperatives, an alternative formation that has become a part of the social economy as a third sector besides the public and private sectors. We sincerely believe in the contribution of cooperatives, which are the most obvious and concrete form of solidarity and acting together, to economic and social development, we carry out our work under this roof with our team of experts in different fields.

​Project House team;

  • Is creative and pioneering

  • Is open to innovations

  • Adopts interdisciplinary approach

  • Has a participatory understanding

  • Is open to cooperation with different institutions

  • Does not discriminate; Approaches people and events without prejudice

  • Respects diversity

  • Members have a sense of belonging and team spirit

  • Always trying to improve himself

  • Follows the developments in the world closely

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