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Networks and Communities We Are In

We are involved in and cooperate with many civil organizations within the scope of our own working areas.


Natural Law Monitoring Initiative 2012

Proje Evi Cooperative has been a part of the Nature Law Monitoring Initiative together with 74 environmental and nature conservation organizations since 2012. With the initiative, it contributes to the advocacy, lobbying and monitoring activities regarding the "Draft Law on Conservation of Nature and Biological Diversity", which was submitted to the Parliamentary Environment Committee on October 26, 2010.


Non-Toxic Tables Civil Society Network

The 'Non-Toxic Tables Civil Society Network', of which the Proje Evi Kooperatifi is also a component, is an organization where non-governmental organizations and civil initiatives come together, whose working areas intersect with food safety, advocating for the use of less pesticides and the dissemination of alternative farming and control methods. The Non-Toxic Tables Civil Society Network, formed by more than 100 institutions and initiatives, continues the campaign "Non-Toxic Tables for All Living Beings: Ban Agricultural Poisons".


Next Generation Cooperatives Network

Proje Evi Cooperative supports the cooperative form, also defined as “new generation cooperatives”, which started to be established in Turkey and around the world for the common needs that could not be met by the free market economy in the 2000s.

New generation cooperatives help their members and the society they live in to reduce poverty, gender equality, ecological justice, etc. structures that aim to meet social needs such as Proje Evi Kooperatifi acts as part of the New Generation Cooperatives Community in Turkey.


Slow Food Immortal Tree Community

Some members of the Proje Evi Kooperatifi are working towards the preservation of traditional olive cultivation with the Slow Food community they established in Edremit Bay, where they live.

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