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Our Thematic Areas

The priority areas of work that we have determined as the Proje Evi Kooperatifi are as follows. Our cooperative takes into account the “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” while carrying out activities in these areas.

Environment and Nature Conservation

With our partners who are experts and experienced in their fields, we are working on identifying priority species in conservation, preparing species action plans, preparing management plans and long-term development plans for the management of ecosystems and landscapes.


Ecosystem Services

We aim to carry out studies to measure the ecological, economic and social dimensions of the "ecosystem services" approach, which is the whole of the benefits that people provide directly or indirectly as a result of the functioning of ecosystems, and to improve its indicators.


Agriculture and Food

We are working with our experts on agro-ecological agriculture and traditional food production systems to reduce the destructive effects of conventional agriculture on the ecosystem and climate and to ensure sustainable agricultural transformation.

Capacity and Project Development

We provide support to NGOs working in various fields and different organizations aiming for social benefit to develop their institutional capacities, find funding sources suitable for their own work, and implement their project ideas.


Nature Conservation Policy Development

With our partners specialized in environment and nature protection, we take part in or contribute to the development of nature protection policies in the Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and on a global scale.


Strategy Development

We support non-governmental organizations and grant organizations to develop new strategies related to their fields of activity, update their existing strategies, and provide consultancy in this regard.

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