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Proje Evi Cooperative

In 2005, we established the Proje Evi Cooperative with the gathering of experts who have worked in various institutions and non-governmental organizations related to the European Union. Within our non-profit cooperative, we develop and carry out projects that will contribute to the society in line with the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals", primarily on the topics of environment, nature protection, agriculture-food and sustainability. We bring the ideas to life with a wide range of actors, especially non-governmental organizations, on issues such as the 'UN Sustainable Development Goals' and the development of civil society, participation, democracy, rights, sustainable development and capacity building, which come to the fore in the process of Turkey's accession to the European Union.

In this context, we provide consultancy and training services to institutions on fundraising, project idea development, project management, monitoring and evaluation, various research and analysis and capacity building activities. Our cooperative, which also cooperates with experts and consultants from different sectors on a working basis, aims to produce and implement projects with high social benefit coefficient and comply with international criteria, as well as to develop cooperation among experts working in this field.


Our Vision

To be an institution with an interdisciplinary approach, recognized by local, national and international institutions, working for a more liveable world, protecting the environment and nature, supporting nature-sensitive production systems, strengthening civil society and ensuring the active participation of individuals in social life.

Our Mission

Within the framework of our vision,


  • Carrying out training, awareness raising, capacity building, organization, project development and execution studies,

  • Creating networks and strategies,

  • Collaborating with local, national and international institutions and individuals on these issues and conducting research.


Our Values

Project House Cooperative,


  • Is creative and pioneering

  • Is open to innovations​

  • Adopts an interdisciplinary approach

  • Has a participatory understanding

  • I s open to cooperation with different institutions

  • Does not discriminate; approaches people and events without prejudice

  • Respects diversity

  • Its members have a sense of belonging and team spirit

  • Its members and the experts it works with have team spirit

  • Always trying to improve himself

  • Follows the developments in the world closely

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