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Policy Dialogue for Turkey's Marine Landscapes

Supported by the MAVA Foundation and the GEF Small Grants Program (SGP Turkey), the “Policy Dialogue for Marine Landscapes in Turkey Post-2020” meeting was held at Ankara Plaza Hotel on 29-30 November 2021 with the active participation of different professional groups, academics, representatives of relevant public institutions, small-scale fisheries cooperatives and NGOs from local, regional and national levels.

During the two-day meeting organized and facilitated by the Proje Evi Kooperatifi, the targets reached by Turkey within the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), to which our country is a party, and accordingly, the principles and criteria of the "Other Effective Area Based Conservation Measure" (OECM) governance model with potential application reasons for Turkey were discussed.

Successful examples with positive conservation results in marine and coastal areas in Turkey were presented; the common goals of biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries management were determined.

In the meeting held with an interactive study, a start has been made towards establishing a shared commitment to the use of appropriate management tools for the conservation and management of marine biodiversity and ecosystems in Turkey. In addition, three main themes were studied for the effective protection of marine landscapes:

  • Inclusive governance

  • Increasing the coverage of new protected areas and marine and coastal protected areas

  • Implementation activities on the effective management of marine and coastal protected areas were determined.

The information and documents in the “Policy Dialogue” report, which is being prepared after the meeting, will contribute to the preparation of the country policy document for the Convention on Biological Diversity CoP 15. It can also be used as a platform for a continuous exchange of information between the relevant stakeholders in determining the priority actions that can guide the implementation, and as a guide for all studies to be carried out in the protection of marine landscapes in the short and medium term.


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