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Proje Evi Cooperative was at Terra Madre Salone Del Gusto 2022

The global meeting of the Slow Food network, in which Alen Mevlat, one of the partners of the Proje Evi Kooperatifi, attended as the voluntary delegate of Slow Food Turkey Ölmez Ağaç Group, the world's largest event “14. Terra Madre Salone Del Gusto” took place in Turin between 22-26 September 2022.

Slow Food delegates, made up of around 3000 farmers, chefs, indigenous community members, immigrants and activists from over 150 countries, urged everyone to take action, change the mainstream food system, and take back food from multinational food companies with the slogan #RegenerAction. This year, the Terra Madre 2022 event areas were organized on 3 pillars: Biodiversity, Education and Advocacy.

The biodiversity pathway included traditional knowledge of food communities as well as biological and cultural diversity related to food. In this area, 3 special food chains were exhibited: Cereals and flours of different foods, legumes, dried fruits and nuts. Here, the participants had the opportunity to share the products they brought with them and the knowledge they had with other delegates and visitors.

In the education-themed sections, colourful and lively gardens on raised beds were designed as a visual feast. There was an inspiring approach to food education with different exhibition sections such as traditional beekeeping methods, basketry, food forest approach and permaculture practices, and agro-biodiversity in dozens of different vegetables and fruits. In this part, the participants shared the good examples they experienced in their country through food education and small gardens.

Food is political! In 'Activism Square', especially with the activities organized by the Slow Food Youth Network and the advocacy activities of Slow Food, it was shown how consumer awareness could be increased. Decision makers and politicians are urged to take action to ensure good, clean and fair food systems for all. Here, the meaning of advocacy for Slow Food and how Slow Food takes action on three important issues such as food sovereignty and social justice, GMOs and pesticides, land and sea/ocean extortion are explained.

In the open-air park area the Ark of Taste and Presidium products which are under the threat of extinction from different parts of the world, met directly with the consumer. Thus, manufacturers achieved fair prices with the opportunity to sell without intermediaries. The Turkish delegation, on the other hand, had the opportunity to promote our country's different food cultures and diversity through panels, tasting events and sharing with other delegates.

Supported by the Proje Evi Kooperatifi, the Slow Food Immortal Tree community drew attention to the threats to olives in the Mediterranean basin and conveyed their efforts to protect olive varieties in our country in the panel "Olive: The Tree That Creates Civilization". The nature-friendly production of extra virgin olive oil from the ancient production areas of the Aegean, the only Presidium of our country on olives, was explained with Slow Food Mahal, and Presidium 'Örfene' olive oil was presented to the audience.


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