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Project idea development and fundraising


In the process from the idea stage to the post-implementation evaluation stage, it is extremely important to define the intervention logic, which forms the basis for the implementation of the project idea, and accordingly to construct the project correctly. Therefore, as the Project House Cooperative, we argue that having a project idea alone is not enough to carry out a project, and we believe that starting from the idea, the strategic priorities of the people and/or organizations that developed the project should be determined and the steps between these priorities and the problem that the project idea will interfere with should be defined correctly. For this purpose, we support institutions in the production of project ideas in which the interest with the target groups is fully taken into account, the risks are taken into account adequately, the factors affecting long-term sustainability are not neglected, and the past experiences are taken into account. In addition, we provide services at the stage of creating resources for these ideas and finding the appropriate funding source.

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