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Project management and execution consultancy


Project management is the planning and direction of resources and activities by keeping quality, time and cost factors at an optimal level. We can summarize the benefits of 'project management', which we define as the process of realizing the project in accordance with the determined performance criteria, within the framework of a certain cost and time, without disturbing the main working system of the organization:

  • Determines when and how goals and objectives will be achieved, 

  • It reveals available and needed resources and their optimum use, 

  • It provides a regular reporting system, 

  • It provides a regular inspection system, 

  • Allows predetermination of timing and costs, 

  • It provides job descriptions and predetermination of the organization, 

  • It enables the project team to develop and implement new projects skills. 

In this context, as the Project House Cooperative, we provide consultancy to institutions at different stages of their need on active project management and execution in order for projects to reach their defined goals within the scope of a certain budget and time plan.

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