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Agriculture and Food


In line with the 'From Field to Fork' strategy, which is one of the main components of the 'European Green Deal', with our experts on agro-ecological agriculture and traditional food production systems; We are working to reduce the destructive effects of conventional agriculture on the ecosystem and climate and to ensure sustainable agricultural transformation. To ensure the economic continuity of nature-friendly and traditional agricultural practices and small family producers, to expand agricultural activities involving agro-silvo-pastoral multiple land use, to develop cooperation between nature conservation activities and agricultural practices and land use for the protection of biological diversity, to protect agro-biodiversity. Supporting agricultural product varieties and producers constitute the main components of the projects we carry out.

Cooperation, joint work and scientific solidarity on food and agriculture in the Mediterranean Basin, one of the regions that will be most affected by the climate crisis; We think that it is important for the protection of food security and food sovereignty. In this direction, we cooperate with networks such as Slow Food on a local and international scale to develop joint projects in the Mediterranean Basin and carry out efforts to protect climate-resistant agricultural practices.

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